Depending on how young the lady you fancy is and where she grew up (in a western country or somewhere in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine), she will behave more or less like the typical Slavic woman. Girls who grew up in Western countries can behave similarly to Western women. But if you finished school in post-USSR countries, you will definitely have some specific expectations that you need to take into account in your approach.

1. Get dressed.

A well-dressed man is a pleasant sight for most women. But the Slavic women dating rule book has a special place for a stylish man, as Russian and Ukrainian women love to dress up. If you look sloppy, she will not be comfortable and may decide that you are not a suitable match. Wearing a jacket, nice pants, and a collared shirt with lace-up shoes will make you look more attractive to women of Slavic origin.

2. Bring flowers.

Most Westerners think it’s too much to give a woman flowers on the first date. But if a woman is from the former USSR, she expects it as a necessary gesture of adherence to the courteous courtship ritual (as opposed to a man who simply tries to pick her up). FSU dating culture still insists that a man bring a bouquet of flowers to a lady on the first date, or she will think you don’t respect her. How do you know if the Slavic girl you have a date with is expecting flowers from a man? Ask him if he likes flowers. If she says, “Of course!” Ask her what kind of flowers she likes. If she can give you an instant answer, she’s definitely in “flower dating culture” and you can bring a bunch of pretty flowers. (Sure, if she says she doesn’t like flowers, she doesn’t need to.)

3. Woo her.

Courting means taking care of your girl on a date like a dainty lady: open doors, move chairs, offer your hand when she gets out of a car, hold her coat to let her in. Things that gentlemen used to do for their ladies in the 1950s. (Ask your grandmother if you have a hard time understanding what this is about.) These little gestures are still in fashion among Slavic girls and she will be really impressed as the most Westerners don’t. That’s a surefire way to separate yourself from all the other guys trying to woo her.

4. Make decisions.

Every Slavic girl wants to meet a “real man”. What do you mean by that? Someone determined and confident. This means, book a restaurant (you can even find a good Russian restaurant, she will approve), decide what you will do before and after, ask her what she is going to eat before the waiter arrives and order for her, and so on. He wants to feel like he can just relax and trust you. That is what Slavic women look for in a partner.

5. Choose the invoice.

If you offer to split the expenses, this will be the last time you see your Slavic girl. In Russia and Ukraine, men still pay for dates. Also, a Russian boy would be insulted if a woman offered to go half, as if she thought he was not a “real man”.

If you follow these 5 simple tips, your dating Slavic women will definitely be easier.

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