Most people enter the gym and go straight to the machines. What they don’t realize is that dumbbell and barbell exercises are much better for building fuller and thicker muscles. By using dumbbells and bars, one engages secondary muscle groups as well as primary muscle groups. However, the machines only target a specific muscle group. Taking this into account does not mean that one should not use machines, it means that most exercises should be done with dumbbells or with a barbell. By doing this, one can get a much better workout and see results much faster. The following article will point out 5 basic exercises, but the most important ones, that many beginners overlook in the gym.


First, you start with a half squat. What this means is that you lower your body until your thighs are directly parallel to the floor. This will only light up your hamstrings, calves, glutes, and hamstrings. Second, just doing the squat increases the anabolic effects on your body that directly correlate with maximizing strength and muscle gains from other exercises. Since a squat is a compound exercise, which means that it uses more than 2-3 parts of the body, it requires a lot of energy and therefore burns more calories than, for example, a leg press. The other added benefit of engaging more muscle groups is that the higher energy requirement also triggers a higher release of testosterone and HGH, the human growth hormone, which not only helps build lean, muscular legs but also helps you gain. more muscle mass. in the upper body as well. Many new gym-goers completely ignore this exercise when doing their legs due to how demanding this exercise can be; however, you must realize RIGHT NOW that this exercise is absolutely necessary to develop impressive looking legs.

Dead weight

Like squats, the deadlift uses a large number of muscle groups such as: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, forearms, lower back, upper back, biceps, etc. at the same time, but by increasing the overall levels of testosterone and HGH in your body. Additionally, the deadlift increases core stability by targeting all of the major muscle groups responsible for correct posture and core strength. Third, it will increase people’s grip strength, if done without bandages. Some beginners avoid deadlifting for fear of hurting their back and this is exactly why they will never go far in the gym. If they focused on understanding deadlift form and how much it can benefit them, they would understand that their fears are irrational and that exercise is a must to build overall muscle mass and density.

Bench press

Following the pattern, the bench press is also a compound exercise and uses multiple muscle groups such as: triceps, shoulders, abs, etc. As noted above, with the other compound movements, the bench press will also burn more calories and increase the levels of HGH and testosterone in your body. Furthermore, it will also greatly increase your overall strength, muscle mass, and develop an impressive looking chest. The bench press is the # 1 exercise you should do to build solid pectoral muscles and get a smashed chest.

Pull ups

Pull-ups are considered a calisthenic exercise, which means that the only weight equipment you need is your own body. Pull-ups are an amazing exercise because of the amount of force it takes to achieve them. I would consider them an absolute must if your goal is to get stronger and slimmer. The pull up only uses the entirety of the fingers, hands and forearms and therefore generates incredible grip force. In addition, it develops the biceps, triceps, shoulders and destroys the muscles of the back. Sit-ups are also included in the exercises because they help stabilize the body throughout the movement, so you will definitely feel them burning after doing a few reps. So, next time you hit the gym, remember, go to that chin-up bar and, one way or another, get off the ground!

I ask myself

Freestyle dips not only work the triceps, but also the lower pecs, shoulders, and, to a lesser degree, the abs. Like chin-ups, dips are also a calisthenic exercise, as you use your own body weight to lift yourself up. However, since dips are easier to do than chin-ups, I would recommend that you add weight using the “weight belt” (it is a belt that looks like a weight lifting belt except it has a chain in the front so you can add weight to it) and pop some strong dives. In addition to building monster triceps and a chiseled chest, you’ll get incredible strength gains from diving.

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